Leica SP5 II Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope








1. This system has a tandem scanner that has both a standard scanner (lower speed, resolution up to 8K X 8K) and a resonant scanner (higher speed, resolution up to 1K X 1K).

2. In addition to standard PMTs this system has HyD detectors (GaAsP) that combine high-sensitivity and low noise.

3. FRAP, FLIP, time-lapse imaging, lambda scanning, and high-speed imaging are possible on this system as well.

4. Our Leica SP5 II LSCM offers an inverted configuration microscope with automatic focus control outfitted with the following objectives:

  • 10X (NA – 0.4) air objective
  • 20X (NA – 0.7) multi-immersion
  • 40X (NA – 1.25) oil-immersion
  • 63X (NA – 1.32) oil-immersion
  • 100X (NA – 1.44) oil-immersion

5. Four spectral channels can be acquired simultaneously or sequentially. Fluorphores can be excited by these lasers:

  • Diode (405 nm)
  • Ar (457, 476, 488, 514 nm)
  • Green HeNe (561 nm)
  • Red HeNe (633 nm)