Leica TCS SP8 Confocal Microscope







1. This system has a tandem scanner that has both a standard scanner (lower speed, resolution up to 8K X 8K) and a resonant scanner (higher speed, resolution up to 1K X 1K).

2. In addition to standard PMTs this system has HyD detectors (GaAsP) that combine high-sensitivity and low noise.

3. High quality resolution down to 140 nm with HyVolution Module.

4. Leica TCS SP8 LSCM offers an inverted configuration microscope with automatic focus control outfitted with the following objectives:

  • 10X (NA – 0.4) air objective
  • 20X (NA – 0.75) multi-immersion
  • 40X (NA – 1.3) oil-immersion
  • 40X (NA – 1.1) water-immersion
  • 63X (NA – 1.4) oil-immersion

5. Four spectral channels can be acquired simultaneously or sequentially. Fluorphores can be excited by these lasers:

  • Diode (405 nm, 488 nm, 552 nm, 638 nm)