Leica Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope





1. Leica DMI6000 inverted microscope

  • Leica 10X and 20X air objectives,¬†40X, 63X and 100X oil-immersion objectives
  • Adaptive focus
  • SuperZ Galvo stage for high speed z-sectioning

2. Yokogawa CSU-X1 spinning disk module with Microlens-enhanced Nipkow disk

3. Spectral Imaging LMM laser box

  • 405, 488, 561, 642 nm solid state lasers

4. Photometrics Evolve Delta512  camera

  • High speed-60 fps at 512×512
  • Backthinned EMCCD sensor
  • 16 micron¬†pixel size
  • High signal/low noise

5. This instrument is driven by Metamorph and has an associated Autoquant license for deconvolution.