Olympus IX83 Inverted Fluorescent Microscope


The Inverted Zeiss Axio Observer.Z1 Confocal Microscope (Installed September 2008) is ideal for a wide range of applications, including biochemistry, medical and material sciences. The fluorescence microscope produces high resolution z-slice images with 3-D reconstruction over a wide range of wavelengths from UV to Near IR. The Axio Observer.Z1 is completely digital providing added sensitivity and performance for exceptional quality images.


1. Excitation: Ar (458, 488, 514 nm), HeNe (543 nm), HeNe (633 nm), 2-photon (690-1024 nm)
2. Objectives: 10x (air, NA – 0.3, WD – 5.3 mm), 20x (air, NA – 0.8, WD – 0.61 mm), 40x (water, NA – 1.2, WD – 0.28 mm), 63x (oil, NA – 1.4, WD – 0.19 mm), and 100 x (oil, NA – 1.45, WD – 0.11 mm)
3. Equipped with Zeiss CO2 and Temperature Control for long-term live cell imaging applications
4. DIC optics for 20x and 40x lenses
5. 3 PMTs for simultaneous imaging of mutliple fluorophores
6. X-Cite 120Q, 120 W AC Lamp for reflected light illumination for easy sample focusing
7. Computer controlled using Zen2009 software, equipped with large HP LP3065 30-inch display