Poster Printer Info

Information about our HP DesignJet 5500ps


Platform and Media – We accommodate both Mac and PC platforms. You can bring your poster to BIF on a USB hard drive or download from email or internet-based storage.

Printing Format – Best results are achieved by printing from Powerpoint or Adobe PDF files. We recommend that you convert your file to a PDF prior to coming to BIF; check for errors and ensure the correct size prior to bringing the file over.

Printer Specifications – The HP DesignJet 5500ps is a Postscript printer with maximum resolution of 1200 X 600 dpi. It uses CMYK color space and automatic Pantone calibration. There are six ink cartridges: cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta.

Paper Quality and Poster Size Restrictions – We use high-gloss photo quality paper. Since the paper comes on 42” wide rolls, one dimension is limited to a maximum of 42”. The most common poster sizes are 42” x 48”, 42” x 56” and 42” x 60”. The HP 5500ps has a fixed unprintable margin of 0.5” on all sides so you should include a margin on your poster. If your poster is 42” and a border or images don’t have a margin, some of the poster may be cut off. A quick fix for this is to scale down your poster down to 97% rather than going back and adding in margins.

Printing Prices – Current price for printing is $1.83/linear inch (roughly $22/linear ft. FY2016 rate); so a 42” X 56” poster will cost approximately $102.48. We have cardboard carrying tubes available for $5.50. Payment should be made with a Chart String, but we can also take a check or credit card.

Turnaround Time – It typically takes about an hour to print a poster; including 15 min. drying time. There are different variables that can occur in any print run and, in rare cases, the simplest poster has the potential to take much longer than anticipated. We recommend that you print your poster (at the very least) the day before you need it. The more lead time you can allow, the better. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to print posters on the day they are needed.

Appointments – We do not take reservations for computer time for poster printing. During rush printing times we operate strictly on a first-come-first-served basis. There may be a waiting list to keep the process organized and moving.

Hours – BIF is open Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM.

If you need assistance contact:

  • Jessica Hornick (847-491-7057;
  • Elena Antonova (847-467-2047;